In a competitive housing market, it is crucial for those building quality developments to differentiate their properties, thereby retaining good sales values in the face of competition and consumer choice.

An important way to exceed the house buyer’s expectations is to keep pace with new innovations for the home. One such new trend that has emerged in recent years is the custom installation of home entertainment and home automation systems.

The design and installation of these systems may be costly for a builder to undertake without specialist skills and knowledge. EZLiving can help you to keep abreast of new developments in home technologies, as well as managing the design and install of such systems, by pre-wiring your developments with a range of ‘systems packages’.

How does pre-wiring for Custom Installation help Builders and their customers? To pre-wire a house is simply to install all the cables needed for a modern home during the construction phase. Once completed, the pre-wired house can be offered to the home buyer with the potential to personalise their home with a range of ‘systems packages’.

For the customer there’s no wires, no mess, no fuss. Discerning house buyers recognise the advantages of pre-wiring and the solutions that EZLiving will install. In the middle to upper sector of the housing market, buyers are prepared to pay a premium for this type of feature in their new home.

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