How we make it work

Science author Arthur C. Clarke once noted that when a technology is sufficiently advanced, it is indistinguishable from magic. With that in mind, let EZLiving create yet another awe-inspiring masterpiece for your home.

At the heart of a modern home and a custom installation solution is a well designed wiring scheme. Before designing a wiring scheme, it is helpful to have the end use of the technology and its user in mind. Thinking through the design will avoid any problems later on. EZLiving’s experience can ensure that designs are based on tried and trusted solutions and we will ensure all cable runs, termination points and control keypads are all suited to common uses.

Structured cabling Most of the services offered by EZLiving are based on well designed and installed ‘structured cabling’, usually using CAT5 cables. This type of cable is now common in modern offices. It is used for its high technical standard and flexibility. As well as allowing computers to talk to each other, it can also be used for audio, video, telephony, home automation signals and your security system.

If you are undertaking building work, EZLiving recommends that you install this type of cable into as many rooms as possible. It is a modest investment to future proof your home. Ideally, the cables should be run back to a central point or ‘hub’. A closet or a stair well is sufficient but a seperate closet style enclosure is ideal. This is where all the equipment for the installation can be installed neatly out of the way. No wires, no mess, no fuss.

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